Student admission

-- Application closes December 1, 2023 --

Check our FAQs if you have questions about the application or admission process.

Required qualifications

Candidates should have at least three years of higher education (BA, BSc or equivalent) with an emphasis on one or more of the following:

In addition, candidates must have a high proficiency in English (see below), as the programme is taught in English.

Required documents

Proof of necessary English skills

Please note that only native speakers (UK, Ireland, Australia, New-Zealand, Canada, USA) do not need to hand in such proof.

The proof of English skills may not be older than 2 years.

Application process for admission and scholarships

First you need to register in Studielink:, then in our online application system Progress: (link tba). You will receive login details for the Online Application System via e-mail after you have applied in Studielink. Look for an e-mail titled: "University of Groningen - Complete your application". Please make sure you complete all the steps in Progress until your application has the status "Submitted".

In addition to uploading the other required documents (see above, "Required documents") in Progress, you will need to ask your two academic referees to send their reference letter on letterhead to this email address: Please make sure your referees mention in the subject title the following: your NAME, EMCL and STUDENT NUMBER (which you receive after registration in Studielink). Without this information the admissions office is not able to add these letters to your application package.

Once you have submitted your application in Progress you will receive instructions on how to pay the application fee of € 74. Regarding those students who are unable to afford the application fee, coming from least developed countries and low income countries (see the list via this link), an official request for a waiver can be send to the Board of Directors of the EMCL to, with the subject "request for waiver".

Make sure that this request consists of the following items:

In case you do not want to be considered for a scholarship, but apply solely as a self-payer, please contact for the procedure.

Application form

The application form is available in DOC (Microsoft Word) format here.


Applications need to be submitted no later than December 1, 2023. (Application opens on Ocotber 9, 2023.)

You can already apply for the programme and we recommend you to submit your application well before the deadline, so that the Admissions Office can verify whether your application contains all the required documents.

Tuition fee & scholarships

Each year, a certain number of scholarships are available through the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. More information on the scholarship amounts can be found in this document. Additionally, a limited number of students can be admitted as self-payers.

For self-payers in the 2023-2025 cohort, the following tuition fees apply:

Programme country students

These are students who hold a passport from one of the European Union or EEA countries. They pay a tuition fee of €9,000 for the entire programme.

Partner country students

These are students who do not hold a passport from one of the European Union or EEA countries. They pay a tuition fee of €18,000 for the entire programme.

NOTE: In both cases, the tuition fee covers: registration costs at each of the consortium partners, university administration and diploma costs, insurance, excursions, lab costs and participation in one edition of the Science of Aphasia conference (including accommodation).

Required literature, accommodation, travel costs and other study related costs are NOT included in the above-mentioned tuition fee.

The tuition fee will be paid in two installments to the consortium coordinator (RUG).

Scholarships for target countries

In addition to providing grants to students from EU and non-EU countries, every year 7 extra grants may be allocated to students of specific countries. Therefore, if you are an applicant from one of the following countries, we highly encourage you to apply.

Selection results

Applications are reviewed by a selection committee. The committee rates every single eligible application on the basis of the following criteria:

The review leads to two absolute ranked lists: one for the Partner Country students and one for the Programme Country students. Depending on the number of scholarships available, students will be placed on the main list or on a reserve list, according to their rank. Students will then be informed that they either

Candidates who fail to meet the minimum admission requirements are declared ineligible and their applications are not further reviewed by the selection committee.

Appeal procedure

All applicants have the right to appeal against the selection decision. This has to be done within a period of 15 days starting from the day after the notification of the outcome of the selection. Appeals, including supporting information, may be sent via e-mail to the selection committee at Please mention Appeal in the header of your e-mail. The selection committee will respond to the appeal within one month after its reception.